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Climate change has long been a reality and the real estate industry is centre stage, not just looking on from the wings. Real estate accounts for an estimated 40% of total global emissions. In terms of CO2, the building and construction sector is the world’s highest emitter. Public pressure to put business on a sustainable footing has been growing constantly at least since legally binding international agreements were reached at the Paris Climate Protection Convention in late 2015. Both on the corporate and investor side, as well as in financing and at property level, the focus on sustainability, and especially the “E” in Environmental Social Governance (ESG), has increasingly sharpened.

One of the key findings of this year’s REAL ESTATE BRAND VALUE STUDY is that sustainability is becoming an ever more important competitive factor. Sustainability shapes the market and significantly determines brand strength. The empirical evaluation in the real estate industry’s largest brand study correlates closely with the findings of the latest research from gif (Gesellschaft für Immobilienwirtschaftliche Forschung), EBS Real Estate Management and the European Real Estate Brand Institute. From 28 May, you can read all about the studies and find out what they have to say about the status quo and the future of ESG implementation strategies across Europe in the REAL ESTATE BRAND BOOK.

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