Evaluation of the top 500 corporate brands in the field of commercial real estate

The European Real Estate Brand Institute analyzed the brand values of the relevant companies in the real estate industry. The objective is, firstly to determine the strongest corporate brands in each category in the German and Austrian real estate sector , secondly, using the knowledge gained derive recommendations for action for that company.

To determine which companies have a brand awareness of at least 75 percent, a two-stage process is implemented. The first stage is brand recognition and the second stage is ascertaining brand strength.

The industry representative study is based on a scientifically recognized study design that measures brand awareness and quality, identity positioning, as well as brand strength on a fixed scale.

TOP 500 COMMERCIAL – Evaluation, analysation, benchmarking, recommendations for strategic action.

The REAL ESTATE BRAND VALUE STUDY is an anonymous online survey that is carried out on different platforms. To avoid technical problems that may cause distorted results, individual questionnaires should be performed by a recipient twice.

The TOP 500 Commercial evaluation consist of a target groups Panel of approx. 18,000 real estate experts and of a brand panel from more than 500 real estate brands from 10 sub-sectors (Architects, Asset Managers, Banks, Facility Managers, Funds / Investors, Real Estate Consultants, Real Estate Brokers, Project Developers, Property Managers.) Target areas are Germany and Austria. The evaluation takes place annually.

The EUREB Institutes delivers with the scientifically recognized REALESTATE FIRE POTENTIAL MODEL is the basis for the annually held qualitative focus group survey since 2009. The evaluation of brand image takes more than 21 brand determinants that have been specially adapted to the real estate industry. This scientific brand evaluation approach has been developed in cooperation with real estate professionals, market researchers, specialists from within the brand and advertising industry, and continuously adapted to changes in the market and target groups. It is also approved by the gif-expert group “REAL ESTATE BRAND EQUITY MANAGEMENT.

It defines the importance of the influent on the brand values separate indicators. Here the differences are taken into account by each sub-sector in order to create a basis REAL ESTATE BRANDS concerning their awareness, quality, identity, and position to make them comparable with each other. While the qualitative analysis reveals how the company, property, project, product, or service mark is positioned, the quantitative analysis makes a statement about the effective brand value in Euros. It can be deducted that the value of a brand can be increased, either as collateral for financing, or to be able to capitalize on it in corporate sales.

Together with our strategic partner, Rödl & Partner, we have developed with the REAL ESTATE BRAND EQUITY MODEL, the first valid measurement basis for determining monetary brand value of real estate companies. Rödl & Partner is represented as an integrated consulting and auditing company with 102 offices in 46 countries.

The EUREB-REALESTATE BRAND EQUITY MODEL adheres to DIN-ISO-Norm 10668. Here, the relief-from-royalty method may be approximated whereby the financial contributions based on the IDW Standards (IDW S 5). A key advantage of the specially developed REAL ESTATE BRAND EQUITY MODEL is in addition to the practicality and the high level of validity, reliability, objectivity and transparency.

If you want to talk about ways to distinguish your brand from your competitors or about the opportunities to increase the value potential of your brand, we will be happy to advise you.

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Are you interested in an analysis of your company’s brand?

Brands are one of the most important assets of a company. The position of your brand decides whether your business is in the relevant set or struggling to be known.

For the first time the scientifically recognized brand value studies of the EUREB Institute shows representative data and benchmark findings that provide a model to aid success and to realize the full potential of Real Estate Brands. By combining qualitative and quantitative methods, the “EUREB brand value model” is designed to provide clear, unambiguous results that can be used to provide early warning recommendations for strategic action.

Get the competitive edge through the EUREB analysis.

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