Evaluation and market positioning of the TOP 20 real estate brokers in Europe.

An outstanding Real Estate Broker must exhibit a number of skills. They should be excellent communicators, provide their clients proactively with all relevant information, identify the needs of their customers, as the first priority, and understand what motivates a customer into buying, and estimate the time scale of a deal, and can provide their customers with good references.

Prominence, clarity, orientation to needs, appeal, confidence and uniqueness, are among the most important indicators. When the REAL ESTATE BRAND VALUE STUDY information is collected, analyzed and evaluated using these parameters – via online questionnaire and expert panel. We are delivering the basic information for the assessment of TOP real estate brokers in Europe. The survey questions rd. 30,000 real estate professionals in 47 European markets.

TOP 20 REAL ESTATE BROKERS – Evaluation, analysation, benchmarking, recommendations for strategic action.

The brand valuation approach that we use to do the study has been developed in cooperation with industry professionals, market researchers and specialists of the brand and advertising industry, and is continuously adapted to changes in the market and the target groups. To this end, responsible, among other things, are the gif-expert group “REAL ESTATE BRAND EQUITY MANAGEMENT. It defines the importance and influence of acquiring the brand value using separate indicators that differ depending on the branch of the industry. Created for the first time we have the ability to render REAL ESTATE BRANDS with investors comparable on the basis of its reputation, quality, identity, and positioning in the market.

Marketing managers and business leaders will be well served by having the knowledge about the positioning of their brand, and having the opportunity to examine and re-evaluate its own business model and the communication strategies.

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Are you interested in an analysis of your company’s brand?

Brands are one of the most important assets of a company. The position of your brand decides whether your business is in the relevant set or struggling to be known.

For the first time the scientifically recognized brand value studies of the EUREB Institute shows representative data and benchmark findings that provide a model to aid success and to realize the full potential of Real Estate Brands. By combining qualitative and quantitative methods, the “EUREB brand value model” is designed to provide clear, unambiguous results that can be used to provide early warning recommendations for strategic action.

Get the competitive edge through the EUREB analysis.

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