The REB BRAND POTENTIAL MODEL has been developed to assess the specific criteria, effectiveness and developments in the real estate industry and to provide a benchmarkable overview of the strengths of real estate brands.

Because the value of a brand is so important, every brand needs a robust and meaningful basis for its valuation.

This empirical model provides a solid basis for measuring brand potential and subsequently serves to calculate the strength of each individual brand.

We use the REB BRAND POTENTIAL MODEL for all of our studies, sub-sectors and target groups.

The model has a multi-level structure.

In addition to measuring brand awareness, we also assess a comprehensive range of criteria (KPIs) and brand loyalty using a scale model. The absolute brand strength is calculated using the influencing factors of market size, loyalty, awareness, the relevant set and other secondary data.

This value is the parameter for the REB BRAND RANKING.

(Source: giv-green paper 2016)