Our analysis tools provide you with detailed, benchmarkable data on the positioning of your company in the competitive environment.

In addition to the comparison of your brand to benchmarks, market leaders and the industry average, our analysis contains early indicators on the development of the sub-sector-relevant assessment criteria and actionable data for brand management and corporate strategy.

The REB Institute provides you with the relevant answers to your 10 most important questions:

  1. Where are the weaknesses in my brand’s positioning?
  2. What are the threats from my competitors?
  3. Is my company anchored in the relevant set of my potential customers?
  4. How far is my company’s current position from our target position?
  5. How well is my company prepared for the key requirements of tenants and local authorities (sustainability, human resources and digitalisation)?
  6. How has the positioning of my brand changed in recent years?
  7. What do I need to consider when realigning my business model for new industries, markets and asset classes?
  8. How can I make the most of my marketing budget?
  9. How have recent measures actually affected perceptions of my company?
  10. What opportunities and potentials can be translated into competitive advantages?