Brand Institute


The EUROPEAN REAL ESTATE 500 is the preeminent Brand Performance Index for the European real estate industry.

The index is based on the largest empirical brand study in the real estate industry.

The European Real Estate Brand Institute’s empirical study now covers more than 1,000 corporate brands in more than 30 industry subsectors.

More than 100,000 industry experts in 45 European countries are surveyed annually.


The index offers companies an essential tool for comparing their brand with market leaders and the industry average in their competitive environment.

  • In which markets is the brand best positioned compared to its competitors and how?
  • What are the brand’s region-specific strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and unexploited potentials?
  • Which brands feature in the top 500 players in Europe?

The EUROPEAN REAL ESTATE 500 provides the answer to all these questions and more.


Because the value of a brand is so important, every brand needs a robust and meaningful basis for its valuation.

The REAL ESTATE BRAND VALUE STUDY focuses on brand strength. An empirical model (the REB BRAND POTENTIAL MODEL) was developed to provide a solid basis for measuring brand strength.

The model meets seven central requirements of brand valuation (see above).

Transparency and plausibilityThe model and the image dimensions have been published;
the essential procedure for consolidation has been disclosed. Multi-dimensional brand strength
Multi-dimensional brand strengthMultidimensional brand image, brand awareness, brand loyalty and market relevance.
Industry and target- group relevanceReal estate specific items in the measurement of brand image, evaluation of ten sub-sectors.
Validity and reliability of the underlying dataStandardised online questionnaire that allows for recommendations for valid data collection
(e.g. random allocations); multivariate analysis of the data.
Comprehensive and accurate dataapprox. 100.000 industry experts and more than 1,000 brands in 45 European countries 
Reason for the valuationPublication of an annual ranking
Definition of the brandsTypically, corporate brands