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Why it is not enough to bounce back from a crisis

Let’s start with a little experiment: Close your eyes (but not until you’ve finished this paragraph) and imagine a serious personal and/or professional crisis. Then, in your mind‘s eye, create an image of who or what you would most like to be in the midst of this difficult crisis.

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The perfect moment for Employer Branding

At the end of March, as the corona crisis was nearing its peak, the managing director of a medium-sized Berlin real estate agency had what he thought was a brilliant idea. He wanted to give sluggish apartment viewings a boost and motivate his employees to up their game, so he

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New dimensions, internal paradigm shift

A flash poll of 50 investor relations (IR) managers working for listed real estate companies in  Germany revealed that almost 30 had not yet addressed Covid-19 in any of their IR publications. The survey was conducted by a Hamburg agency in early March 2020. “Early March 2020?” we hear you

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Climate change has long been a reality and the real estate industry is centre stage, not just looking on from the wings. Real estate accounts for an estimated 40% of total global emissions. In terms of CO2, the building and construction sector is the world’s highest emitter.

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Plummeting demand, frozen transactions and investments, employees working from home and fearing for their jobs, and companies struggling to survive – the Covid-19 crisis is having a massive impact on the real estate industry.

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What impact does sustainability have on the performance and positioning of brands in different asset classes?

On a superficial level, this is not a particularly difficult question to answer. After all, every brand already knows what the market expects: an enthusiastic and positive response. Otherwise, a brand runs the risk of damaging its credibility, perhaps irreparably. Sustainability strengthens a brand’s reputation and image. As a result, it also boosts growth and earnings. Overall, sustainability certainly has a positive impact. In fact, we could probably stop there, because this is the short version of why sustainability is fundamentally a good thing and “ultimately pays off”. But at this point it also becomes clear that there can be no easy answer, because easy answers are far too simplistic to be of much value.

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Developers: Identity creators in search of the Holy Grail

In the real estate industry’s pecking order of professional fields, one guild has always been at the top of the list: developers. Fund managers, asset managers or analysts may take a different view, but developers have maintained their pole position over time for good reason: they create tangible and perceptible value. It is the properties they create that give the industry its raison d’être.

Despite the fact that capital, and land, is readily available for development, and contract work for investors is more the rule than the exception, developers’ sense of identity and self-worth is no longer as assured as it once was. There is a very simple reason for this. All of a sudden, …

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“Engaging the future”

More topics, more international, more exhibitors: 30 years and going from strength to strength – MIPIM 2019.

MIPIM’s Director, Ronan Vespart, had predicted that this year’s conference would deliver superlative after superlative. And he kept his word. The bare facts speak for themselves: 26,800 players from all sectors of the international property industry, around 5,400 investors and 560 political leaders from more than 100 countries flocked to Cannes for the 30th edition of the world’s leading real estate fair, Marché international des professionels de l’immobilier, or MIPIM for short. Between 12 and 15 March, the four-day, mega-event envisioned the future of an industry that is evolving rapidly, as reflected by the conference’s theme, “engaging the future”.

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Strong brands defy Brexit – Challenge for developers and investors

No, Brexit is not the only thing happening in 2019, even if that is the impression you get from the almost non-stop blasts of “Breaking News” and discussions of hard, soft or no Brexit. The real estate markets and even more so the values of real estate assets are fundamentally unmoved by all this chatter. Of course, it is clear that the headlines from across the Channel are not only expressing a wide and chaotic range of opinions, but are also becoming more negative from day to day. In one, a billionaire relocates his business to Monaco to save up to £4 billion in tax, and in another, Honda is cutting 3,500 jobs. There are dire warnings of shortages of Dutch tomatoes at Tescos, not to mention the queues of lorries at the new customs barriers. But on sober reflection, the real estate industry, whether investors or developers, is keeping its cool:

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