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Time for the strongest

Who would have thought in spring of 2020, that Covid-19 would still be the dominant topic worldwide at the beginning of 2022? The supposed state of emergency, has long since become a permanent state of affairs, and the test of endurance for governments, people and the economic system has become

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REAL ESTATE BRAND DAY – Save the date 2022_06_21

21/06/2 THE brand day of the European real estate industryThe new event format for CEOs, COOs, CMOs, Sales, Communication and Business Development. REAL ESTATE BRAND ACADEMYThe platform for brand management and corporate development as day eventImpact workshops and BRAND TALKs on the meta topics of the industry: DECARBONISATION EMPLOYER BRANDING

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The real estate industry is undergoing fundamental change. Topics such as digitisation, sustainability and a lack of qualified staff are just three example topics. Real estate companies are shifting from simply “managing” to brand and customer-oriented companies with the development of high resilience and agility. This transformation also leads to

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DECARBONISATION – Strategies for credible implementation

The cross-industry megatrend of decarbonisation has confronted companies with a wide variety of terms over the past 15 years: Sustainability, CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) and recently IMI (Impact Investing). The resource-intensive real estate industry in particular is expected to respond to the global challenge. With the

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EMPLOYER BRANDING – The path to more HR competence

What makes an attractive employer in the real estate industry? The perception of young professionals on one hand and the companies themselves on the other? The degree to which the real estate industry appears attractive to potential applicants strongly differs depending on their age and professional background. From the perspective

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Mega and metatrends in the real estate industry

The Corona pandemic has been the dominant worldwide topic for more than one and a half years now. The media has mostly focused on the fight against the unwavering health effects of the virus. There has also been a great deal of attention paid to economic problems. This applies, to a large extent, to the construction and real estate industry, which significantly contributes to the strength and growth of the economy, and of course provides society with living and working space. An example of this can be illustrated using Eurostat figures: the real estate and construction sector generates about 18 percent of the gross domestic product (GDP) in the EU, accounts for more than 25 percent of all companies, and about 10 percent of all employees.

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