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Success without data? Mission impossible

Any group contains outstanding performers. Some always exceed expectations and a select few rise above everyone else. This is particularly evident where performance is measurable and comparable. For example, in professional sports. It is fascinating to ask why individual athletes such as Roger Federer and Tiger Woods or teams such as Bayern Munich (which, even as an Austrian, I have to concede) have stood out from the pack for decades. What makes the difference?

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BRANDS QUESTION Disruption or Evolution?

“You press the button, we’ll do the rest.” That was the advertising slogan used by company founder George Eastman in 1888 to promote his first Kodak camera. The stroke of genius behind it: Instead of heavy glass plates coated with photographic emulsion, Eastman developed rollable film with a gelatin layer. His invention of an easy-to-use cardboard camera soon followed at a retail price of one U.S. dollar. Kodak revolutionized photography by making it accessible to the masses, and rose to become a company that would dominate its industry with countless innovations over the next 100 years or so.

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ESG – What else …?

“Just between the two of us, when I see ESG, I sometimes think to myself: Elites See Green,” confessed the smiling, full-time project manager for a prominent German property developer. When I asked him what he meant, he responded, “You know, in these times of crisis, so many companies are grappling to survive. They have more pressing concerns than elitist notions of protecting the environment.” That’s where the conversation ended – and it’s not often that someone leaves me speechless.

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Why it is not enough to bounce back from a crisis

Let’s start with a little experiment: Close your eyes (but not until you’ve finished this paragraph) and imagine a serious personal and/or professional crisis. Then, in your mind‘s eye, create an image of who or what you would most like to be in the midst of this difficult crisis.

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The perfect moment for Employer Branding

At the end of March, as the corona crisis was nearing its peak, the managing director of a medium-sized Berlin real estate agency had what he thought was a brilliant idea. He wanted to give sluggish apartment viewings a boost and motivate his employees to up their game, so he

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New dimensions, internal paradigm shift

A flash poll of 50 investor relations (IR) managers working for listed real estate companies in  Germany revealed that almost 30 had not yet addressed Covid-19 in any of their IR publications. The survey was conducted by a Hamburg agency in early March 2020. “Early March 2020?” we hear you

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Climate change has long been a reality and the real estate industry is centre stage, not just looking on from the wings. Real estate accounts for an estimated 40% of total global emissions. In terms of CO2, the building and construction sector is the world’s highest emitter.

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Plummeting demand, frozen transactions and investments, employees working from home and fearing for their jobs, and companies struggling to survive – the Covid-19 crisis is having a massive impact on the real estate industry.

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What impact does sustainability have on the performance and positioning of brands in different asset classes?

On a superficial level, this is not a particularly difficult question to answer. After all, every brand already knows what the market expects: an enthusiastic and positive response. Otherwise, a brand runs the risk of damaging its credibility, perhaps irreparably. Sustainability strengthens a brand’s reputation and image. As a result, it also boosts growth and earnings. Overall, sustainability certainly has a positive impact. In fact, we could probably stop there, because this is the short version of why sustainability is fundamentally a good thing and “ultimately pays off”. But at this point it also becomes clear that there can be no easy answer, because easy answers are far too simplistic to be of much value.

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