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It`s the polar bear, stupid!

Be honest: how long will it be before the daily newspaper headlines about the Corona pandemic slip away from the front pages towards the less prominent middle? Actually: the erosion of the Covid-19 headlines has already begun. It appears to have a stark correlation with the progress and tempo of the vaccine rollout. And another question: Do you know which headlines “before Corona” stimulated the debate? It was the boom in the real estate markets and climate change, in that order. During this time, the markets that were in the light (living, district development) and in the shadows (hotel & retailers) but now, the issue “climate change” will be on the top spot, and honestly, that is a good thing. There is a certain amount of pressure, especially for the capital markets, but also from the customers who increasingly want to invest their money in a more meaningful and responsible way, and are taking these measures daily. This new carrot-and-stick approach in the real estate industry will be lead largely by the developer which can still save their orders. That there will now have to be a rethinking process starting here is obvious. In a new market environment in which the raw material of the business model – concrete or cement – increasingly critical energy CO2 neutral – opens one’s eyes to the fact that there must be more solution filled dialogue and debate with stakeholders, this is of course imperative to all our futures. No question: that the majority of the buildings are still built with the criticized raw materials, but wood seems to be on the rise. The image of the polar bear, which no longer has a habitat, standing on the melting ice floe does burn stronger in the mind than a few new efficient buildings. The fact that now one may no longer exclude the other means the dialogue and communication should immediately begin.

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