Early Bird

Our CORPORATE BRAND ANALYZER provides practical insights and recommendations for action on positioning your brand in the competitive environment for each sector and country.

Our analyses incorporate data from the largest empirical brand study of the real estate industry and are based on the scientifically accredited REB BRAND POTENTIAL MODEL of the European Real Estate Brand Institute.


You will receive a detailed overview of

  • your brand’s positioning in the competitive environment and the absolute strengths and weaknesses of your brand
  • the strength of your brand’s market recognition
  • subsector evaluation criteria and their weighting in relation to performance / importance
  • individual subsector-relevant assessment criteria
  • individual assessment areas, such as success, trust behaviour and experience of the brand
  • your brand’s potential compared to your competitors
  • your brand’s positioning among market participants who have personal experience of your brand in comparison to market participants without personal experience
  • your brand’s relevance to new and existing customers

From this wealth of data and findings, we make recommendations for specific actions that will enable you to

  • close the gap between self-perception and external image
  • sustainably improve your brand’s position in the market
  • analyse your brand’s past operative and communicative measures, assess their influence and efficiency and efficiently manage and empirically audit budgets over the long term.


Order our Positioning Analysis 2021 for your brand as an Early Bird and you will also receive your Positioning Data 2020 free of charge.


    A compact overview of key data from the REAL ESTATE BRAND VALUE STUDY 2020 to help you plan your brand’s positioning and corporate development.

    Data and key figures from the REAL ESTATE BRAND VALUE STUDY 2021 to support your positioning and corporate development in years to come.

    Overview of the development of your brand’s positioning for the period 2020 to 2021, including recommendations for action for sustainable brand management.


  • You will receive the Positioning Analysis 2020 within three weeks of placing your order.
  • You will receive the Positioning Analysis 2021 in April 2021.

Individual analysis for one brand per subsector and country/region:

EUR 5,700

(All prices quoted are exclusive of VAT)