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Disruption meets resilience – The crisis winners

Resilience to a crisis as a question of survival

At the end of June 2021, we will all look back on a year and a half of social and economic challenges the likes of which we in Europe have not seen since the end of the Second World War.

During this period, companies from all sectors, without exception, were confronted with circumstances that not only massively called business models into question, but also turned economic survival into a cause prima. The pandemic has made it clearer, more than anything else prior, as to what crisis resistance in concrete terms really means – and what it doesn’t mean.

Scientific expertise

The REB Institute’s key question behind the 2021 Real Estate Brand Value Study was which qualities a corporate brand has to have, or develop in order to be a rock in a perfect storm. Under the motto “Disruption meets Resilience”, we turned the spotlight on the real estate industry, surveyed more than 100,000 industry experts from 45 countries, examined the market position of more than 1,400 companies and complemented the scientific evaluation with special studies on the central topics (resilience, ESG, employer branding and digital marketing leadership).

Diamond proof

The “Strongest Brands” – now listed in the EUROPEAN REAL ESTATE 500 – have emerged and were awarded the REAL ESTATE BRAND AWARDS 2021 yesterday, June 23, at Europe’s largest AWARD livestream event for the real estate industry. Nominated companies, as well as those now in possession of a brand diamond, can claim one thing about themselves with certainty: they are among the strongest brands in the industry and resilient winners of one of the biggest crises in economic history.

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