What is the industry-specific added value of benchmark analyses and how are the results of analyses used by industry experts?

Selected references showcase the EUROPEAN REAL ESTATE BRAND INSTITUTE’s partnerships and the added value of the Institute’s insights and recommendations for action.

Peter Terpak
Group Marketing PR Director

„The REAL ESTATE BRAND SURVEY is extremely useful for us at HB Reavis as it provided us with unprecedented insight into our brand perception by real estate professionals all across the Europe. Not only did it tell us where we stand in terms of our brand characteristics, but it gave us localised benchmarks compared to other real estate brands for the markets where we are present. We look forward to participating and receiving the future editions of the REAL ESTATE BRAND SURVEY.“

Marta Tesiorowska
Vice President, Head of Marketing and Communications

„We’re systematically elevating our brand profile globally and focussing on those areas which differentiate and define us. A tailored brand study highlights key target areas and offers a great benchmark for how the market views how successfully you do what you do. Independent and scientific recognition of our brand value is therefore important to us, as it sets the bar for further development of the Prologis brand share.“

Portrait Anzeigenmotive BerlinHyp

Nicole Hanke
Head of Marketing and Communications

„At Berlin Hyp, we implement a well-structured and targeted brand management program which is a key factor to our success. The REAL ESTATE BRAND VALUE STUDY 2018 provides us with essential information about the positioning of own brand, competitor comparability, our own brand awareness, and market transparency. This data is a crucial prerequisite to help us to improve and to develop our brand. In 2017 we started our brand expansion project and the current 2018 study indeed reflects our success and innovative spirit.“

Wolfgang Scheibenpflug MRICS
Division Manager Real Estate and locations management

„The successful development of a site is closely allied to the approach of a targeted branding strategy. We attach great importance to the strategic and sustainable development of our “AirportCity Vienna” brand, which represents our real estate location. The analysis carried out by the EUROPEAN REAL ESTATE BRAND INSTITUTE, is an essential tool which precisely measures our efforts in branding; and also derives addition input enabling us to implement further measures. For such a prominent international location, we are very aware that brand management is a never ending endeavor to strive for a clear product differentiation when compared to that of our competitors.“

Marcus Buder
Head of Commercial Real Estate Finance
Head of Business Unit Commercial Real Estate Finance

„The findings of the study give us detailed knowledge of the market environment and comparisons of the most important providers of real estate finance based – regional and nationwide – on relevant benchmark indicators such as trustworthiness, regional expertise, and specialist expertise. We are delighted to have achieved the best performance throughout Germany in the category of reuse intentions in 2018 with our team of experts. The strengths and action areas identified gave us useful impetus for the further development of our support concept for commercial real estate finance. We achieved improvements in flexibility, innovation and problem-solving expertise, for example with the implementation of our own valuations, process optimizations, more intensive dialog with customers, and in-depth customer surveys. In this context, the EUROPEAN REAL ESTATE BRAND INSTITUTE Study 2018 provided representative results on the positioning of Berliner Sparkasse, currently Germany’s strongest regional provider of real estate finance.“

Dr. Ingrid Fitzek – Unterberger
Head of Marketing and Communications

„BUWOG has been using the services of the EUROPEAN REAL ESTATE BRAND INSTITUTE for several years now. The reason we are “repeat offenders” is quite simple, the analysis and recommendations for action we receive provides us with new brand enhancing ideas, and therefore enables us to further develop the BUWOG brand. A brand has to “live” and our constant engagement with our brands image helps us to present ourselves distinctly in the market environment. Having a strong brand supports our company in all areas, from management development through to sales and inventory.“

Andreas Schulten
General Representative bulwiengesa AG

„With around 90 employees, bulwiengesa is a comparatively small company. Which means that, as a company, we don’t really have the financial resources to launch complex brand positioning campaigns. And fortunately, we don’t need to! Not least because of the recommendations of the EUROPEAN REAL ESTATE BRAND INSTITUTE, we have learned to focus on our brand’s core values – trust and independence. From the Management Board to junior analysts, we align our daily activities to these two values. Above all, we want our customers to continue to place their trust in us. For, as we know: Less is often more.“

Klaus-Peter Hesse
Managing Director

„Within the real estate industry, brand communication plays a very decisive role. The REAL ESTATE BRAND INSTITUTE understands how to analyze, inspire and raise the value of this essential work. This creates transparency and secures insights and knowledge that are important for the increasing professionalization of the communication departments within our industry. We gladly support this work.“