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Smart urban mobility enables a new way of life. Schindler has the expertise and product range to make any type of facility in cities - and elsewhere - accessible easily and securely.

The Schindler Story

In 1874, Robert Schindler founded his family engineering firm. More than 144 years later, Schindler is a leader in the elevator and escalator industry.

Urbanization – cities are key to the global economy

From Berlin to Beijing, cities vibrate with energy. They account for 60% of all jobs and produce 80% of global GDP. Urban areas are at the center of innovation covering hard goods, services, technology, and entertainment, delivering multiple benefits to people, business, and culture. Today, for the first time in human history, more people live in the city than in the countryside, and by mid-century two-thirds of the global population is projected to be urban.

Shaping the skyline

Elevators and escalators make tall buildings livable and large infrastructure projects accessible. Vertical transportation has allowed the steel-frame skyscraper to give new shape and substance to global cities and enables the rapid expansion of new dynamic urban areas.

This new way of living will only be possible with smart mobility solutions. Schindler has the expertise and product selection to make every type of facility found in cities – and elsewhere – easily and safely accessible.

Moving more than one billion people a day

With more than one billion people moved each day, the company is committed to providing reliable customer service and high-quality mobility solutions that ensure safe and efficient trips for the riding public, as well as superior equipment for building owners and operators. Schindler’s offering ranges from solutions for low-rise buildings to sophisticated access and transport management concepts for multifunctional buildings.

Tradition of innovation

Over the years, Schindler has built a tradition of pioneering innovative, customer-driven products, including destination control systems and the first-ever patent for elevators without a machine room. Other landmark examples include development of exclusive elevator suspension traction media and ‘InTruss’ modernization, which enables existing escalators to be upgraded with significantly diminished building impact. With the dawn of artificial intelligence, the company is at the forefront of the ‘Internet of Elevators and Escalators’ (IoEE). ‘Schindler Ahead’ provides a unique, cloud-based digital toolbox connecting machine, users, technicians, and around-the-clock call centers in a closed-loop ecosystem.

As one of the industrial sector’s leading digital companies, Schindler will continue to invest in the smart networking of products and digital processes.

Today, for the first time in history, more people live in the city than in the countryside.

Schindler transports more than a billion people every day.

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