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D-City: D-City incorporates Danube Flats, DC Tower 2, DC Tower 3, DC Flats, DC Residential and DC Waterline. The development takes full advantage of state-of-the-art, resource-saving materials and incorporates environmental aspects to achieve the highest levels of comprehensive sustainability.


As an international property developer with offices in Austria, Poland, the Czech Republic and Romania, S+B Gruppe AG has been developing complex real estate projects across Europe as an investor and general contractor since 1986.

S+B’s founders, the Vorarlberg building contractor DI Günter Schertler and the Viennese general planner Alfred Michael Beck, head a team that specialises in land acquisition, planning, construction management, commercial management and marketing for high-quality construction projects. Since its transformation into S+B Gruppe AG in 2007, the company’s development activities have been actively led by the Executive Board members Franz Paul Bauer (CEE), Wolfdieter Jarisch (Austria) and the CFOs Wolfgang Eder and Edmund Völker. Over the last decade or so, the company has delivered a host of major developments, ranging from office buildings, student residences and hotels to pioneering residential projects in Vienna and Central and Eastern Europe. S+B is also currently developing a number of future-oriented residential projects in Vienna. So far, the group has invested over EUR 3 billion in developing real estate with a total of 1,000,000 sqm of usable space.


In order to guarantee that our new buildings remain competitive for decades to come – both for us as developers and investors, as well as responsible members of society – we decided 10 years ago to only develop buildings that comply with the guidelines of the American LEED organisation. As a result of that commitment, we were awarded the first LEED Platinum certifications in Austria and Poland. In fact, our very first office building in Vienna, Solaris, was certified Platinum. We also rose to the very particular challenge of achieving Platinum certification for our MARXBOX laboratory building, which was made all the more difficult given the property’s very specific building services requirements. Every one of our group’s developments is designed to achieve the highest possible certification, which means we incorporate the full range of LEED sustainability criteria into our planning processes from day one.


Our current Viennese projects include numerous developments in D-City (Danube Flats, DC Tower 2, DC Tower 3, DC Flats, DC Residential and DC Waterline), some of which are in the planning stages and some of which are already under construction. In every case, these developments not only take full advantage of state-of-the-art, resource-saving materials, but also incorporate environmental aspects from the earliest planning phase in order to achieve the highest levels of comprehensive sustainability. It makes no sense whatsoever to devote this newly developing district on the Danube River to just one type of use. On the contrary, it is important to achieve a balanced mix to ensure that this district continues to flourish and provide inspiration in the future. By interweaving different areas of life – work, living, education and leisure – with perfect accessibility, we are guaranteeing long-term quality of life in D-City. In addition to an Education Campus with a daycare centre, elementary school, and secondary school, our masterplan also includes the development of an Innovation Campus, complete with student residences and special apartments for musicians – all enhanced by the development’s stunning natural location on the waterfront (Danube, old Kaiserwasser).

We have also engaged in forward-thinking partnerships with the developers of drone aircraft, incorporating their specifications for landing areas for transport of all kinds (passenger and goods drones). “A developer’s greatest challenge is to imagine the future. We need to anticipate what comes next. When it comes to major projects with long development horizons, you can’t go to market with six-year-old ideas”, says Wolfdieter Jarisch, who, as the Executive Board Member for Austria, works with his team to constantly assess the feasibility of “crazy” ideas.


The same principles shape the group’s developments in Poland, the Czech Republic and Bucharest – because sustainability is important everywhere. Two of S+B’s Prague projects, TRIMARAN and ELEMENT, were rated as the ninth best LEED Platinum certified buildings. S+B also recently acquired Prague’s iconic Panorama Hotel and plans to invest in the hotel tower and the surrounding area, located in the heart of Prague’s Central Business District, right next to the Pankrác metro station, in line with the group’s stated sustainability objectives. And when it comes to sustainability, S+B’s holistic approach also includes preserving the historically important building fabric of another Prague project. Right next to the prominent Powder Tower in the heart of the city, S+B is redeveloping and revitalising the property at Na Příkopě 33, a listed building, for Commerz Real.

In Poland, S+B is also working to improving the ecological outlook: At the Centrum Metro Station, opposite Warsaw’s Palace of Culture, S+B is developing the 95-metre landmark Widok Towers (Widok is the Polish word for “outlook”.) The tower is scheduled for completion by the end of 2020.

Last autumn, another property development was secured in a prime inner-city Bucharest location: DOAMNEI, a new office building with a gross floor area of around 20,000 square metres, will be developed on a 5,000-square-metre site near the Universitate Metro Station by the end of 2023. In addition, Aviators Park, in the immediate vicinity of Otopeni Airport, is also being developed during the course of a major mixed-use project.

SB WidokTowers: Widok is the Polish word for outlook. The 95-metre, landmark Widok Towers project is being developed opposite Warsaw’s Palace of Culture.
Doamnei: A new office building with a gross floor area of around 20,000 square metres is being developed on a 5,000 square metre site in Bucharest. Completion is scheduled for the end of 2023.