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MK Illumination


Harnessing the power of light for spaces large and small, indoor and out

For over 22 years, MK Illumination has been using the power of light and design to create extraordinary experiences that boost brands, transform spaces, and drive footfall in 40 countries worldwide.

MK Illumination knows a thing or two about the power of light to create atmosphere, change moods, and create experiences that boost brands and raise the profile of any space.

The company was founded in a backyard garage in 1996 in Weer, Austria, by Klaus Mark, his wife Marie Mark, and his twin brother Thomas Mark, and now employs over 1000 employees worldwide. They deliver upwards of 4,000 lighting projects worldwide through local subsidiaries in 40 countries, using the highest-quality LED products that they design and manufacture themselves 10 production facilities in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas.

Why light?

Simply put, light is life. As humans, we overlook the power of light because it’s ubiquitous, yet it affects us in countless ways.

Sensitively placed lighting can enhance people’s moods – in the retail sector, that translates to increased footfall, visitor flow, and longer stays. Light fills people with emotion, and the right light can trigger positive associations with businesses and brands. Combining light with innovative design results in an immersive, multi-sensory storytelling experience that not only looks incredible, but that can affect the bottom line, embed spaces and brands in the minds of the public, and drive media engagement.

Customer-centric, design-driven, and a full-service approach

Whatever the size of the space or the complexity of the project, MK Illumination’s first step is understanding the unique set of requirements of each customer in order to make sure that they create the right lighting concept that will deliver the desired results.When tasked with creating a unique lighting concept for the corporate headquarters of global energy firm Gazprom in St. Petersburg, Russia, for example, the company custom- designed a never-before-seen lighting extravaganza that emulated the Northern Lights on the building façade.

A completely different solution was needed for Europe’s largest shopping center, Westfield London in the UK, and the result was seasonal lighting that turned the center into a beacon in the night, and festive lighting internally that filled the massive space with a festive – although non-traditional – atmosphere.

Contrast these two huge projects with equally impactful but very different lighting displays installed for Thon Hotel Opera, Norway; Medica Sur Hospital, Mexico; and the Solow Building in New York, USA.

Specialists in festive lighting – all year round

“Festive” might imply Christmas, but MK Illumination uses light and design to create unforgettable experiences throughout the year. When you add light, any occasion turns into a celebration. Chinese New Year, Ramadan, Halloween, local and international sporting events, music festivals, spring festivals, carnival, and sales-weeks are just some of the events that the company has turned into light-filled attractions over the years.

“Light is profession and our passion,” said Klaus Mark, CEO and founder. “We’re continually challenging the status quote, investing in innovation, and taking time to understand how we can best serve our customers in changing times.”


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