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Behrens-Ufer: Designed for people.

Founded in Berlin in 2015, DIEAG specialises in developing fully integrated, large-scale real estate projects for institutional investors. DIEAG’S current projects include Behrens-Ufer in Berlin-Oberschöneweide. Behrens-Ufer is not only the largest private commercial real estate development in Berlin, it also creates an entirely new commercial quarter in the heart of Berlin’s fastest-growing commercial real estate market to offer unparalleled quality of stay and environmental sustainability.

DIEAG is investing EUR 1.1 billion in revitalising the 10-hectare site in the south-eastern Berlin district of Treptow-Köpenick. A former television electronics factory, the site is located on the banks of the Spree River and will soon be home to 280,000 sqm of commercial and office space distributed across a number of new and existing buildings. DIEAG’s design concept emphasises the site’s architectural heterogeneity and combines a variety of uses with vibrant social infrastructure and attractive meeting places. The new quarter will fulfil all of the functions of a traditional neighbourhood and, in addition to individual workplaces, will be equipped with daycare centres, sports, dining, culture and retail amenities. The streets, squares and courtyards will be full of life, adding a touch of extra vitality to the sociable, urban environment and helping to create an inspiring, creative and productive working environment. The quarter’s holistic energy system is based on state-of-the-art construction, building and energy technologies to achieve the optimal balance between low operating costs and environmental compatibility. Solar energy, hydropower and geothermal energy are all being deployed to ensure that the entire quarter is not only energy-autonomous but also generates a surplus of energy. The extensive use of wood rather than concrete as a building material is also helping to save a substantial amount of CO2 as early as the construction phase. Intensive greening of the new quarter’s accessible roofs and outdoor areas will further enhance the local climate and preserve biodiversity.

The success of any sustainable neighbourhood development depends on its users. Which is why the starting point for DIEAG’s vision of Behrens-Ufer was the satisfaction of its eventual users. DIEAG not only strives to meet the latest technical requirements of the modern working world, it is also committed to satisfying the evolving demands employees place on their work environments – both socially and ecologically. It is only by creating high-quality, multi-functional urban spaces that inner-city commercial districts can attract users and visitors and become high-yield investments with significant potential for long-term value appreciation. Behrens-Ufer is emblematic of this aspiration.

Thanks to its scale and versatility, Behrens-Ufer is the ideal proposition for companies that need large, contiguous and flexible spaces. Moreover, thanks to its close proximity to tech companies and universities, Behrens-Ufer is perfectly placed to become a hub for innovative, research-driven companies. All of this, combined with its prominence, status and links to the new BER airport, Behrens-Ufer is also ideally suited as a base for companies’ national and international headquarters.

The landmarked Peter Behrens Building Grafik: ©DIEAG

DIEAG’s current urban development scheme in cooperation with GfP Gesellschaft für Planung
Grafik: ©DIEfabrik GmbH