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TwentyOne – The new commercial quarter in the heart of Vienna’s Floridsdorf

Real estate developer Anton Bondi de Antoni of Bondi Consult is developing one of the largest remaining contiguous commercial areas in Vienna. Despite significant restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic over the last 12 months, considerable progress has been made.

TwentyOne is located at Siemensstraße 87–89 and Siemensstraße 88 in the heart of Vienna’s 21st district. The properties have a remaining land area of approximately 50,000 square metres after partial sales and were originally subdivided into six building plots. Accordingly, TwentyOne consists of six Hubs: Innovation, Service, Central, Student, Office and Hotel. The Service Hub has already been sold and is therefore no longer available.

Innovation and Central Hubs
The property at Siemensstraße 87–89 is zoned as an industrial area and will house offices, laboratories and conference zones supplemented by retail and dining as well as a multi-storey car park. The groundbreaking ceremony for the Innovation Hub took place on schedule in September 2020, and construction is proceeding according to plan. Construction of the Central Hub is scheduled to begin in the second half of 2021.

Hotel, Office and Student Hubs
The City of Vienna’s rezoning procedure for the property at Siemensstraße 88 was completed in October 2020. Now zoned as a mixed building area (industrial building area), the site is legally approved for the construction of offices, hotels, student apartments and the like. A draft plan for all three components – Hotel, Office and Student Hubs – has already been submitted to the City of Vienna. Anton Bondi is confident that the building permit will be granted in the course of summer 2021.
Despite the difficult conditions created by the Covid-19 pandemic, Bondi Consult is in advanced talks and negotiations with a well-known international hotel operator for the Hotel Hub.

Ideal location and synergy effects
TwentyOne enjoys excellent accessibility thanks to its connections to the supra-regional transport network, and close proximity to the Vienna-Siemensstraße commuter railway station. On the one hand, TwentyOne stands to benefit from the current development of Vienna’s 21st district, which includes infrastructure, residential and commercial projects, while the district as a whole stands to gain from the planned development of TwentyOne, which will provide immense added value for the entire area.

In addition, TwentyOne is also close to the newly built Floridsdorf Clinic, the University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna and a host of renowned companies in the immediate vicinity, such as the Austrian Institute of Technology, RailTecArsenal, A1 ATOS Center Vienna, TechBase, Trescal and Biomedica, which will result in considerable bilateral synergy effects.

At the end of April 2020, TwentyOne was assessed according to the 2020 version of the Austrian Society for Sustainable Real Estate Management (ÖGNI) for newly developed commercial areas. It is the first project to be certified GOLD by ÖGNI on the basis of the latest German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) standard in Austria and serves as a pilot project to adapt the latest version of the DGNB standards for Austria. The preliminary certificate was presented in June 2020.

Construction of the entire TwentyOne commercial quarter is expected to reach completion in about five years.