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AirportCity Vienna

The true all-rounder

Office Park 4, the latest stunning addition to Airport City Vienna, leaves no want or need unfulfilled.

Modern office tenants know exactly what they want: flexible interiors, outstanding transport links and vehicular accessibility and, naturally, ample parking. And, because they take sustainability and their social responsibilities seriously, they also want energy efficiency, attractive shopping and dining options nearby and a range of easily accessible amenities for their employees, such as a fitness centre or medical centre. Then there’s the architecture, which should also make a statement and allow customers and partners to be received in comfortable and impressive surroundings.

Office Park 4, the latest addition to Airport City Vienna, is set to satisfy all of these wants and needs from May 2020. Embedded in the infrastructure of Vienna Airport and the modern office cluster at Airport City Vienna, this state-of-the-art development comprises 26,000 square metres of office and conference space and a convenient underground parking garage. Office Park 4 accommodates office units ranging from 180 to 2,700 square metres, along with a selection of flexible co-working spaces. The property also boasts numerous meeting rooms and an event and showroom area for up to 400 guests. From their new offices in Vienna, users are connected to the whole world in real time via the building’s ultra-fast internet, which delivers speeds of up to 10 Gbps.

Impressive architecture – the best in certified sustainability

Located at the entrance to the airport, Office Park 4 is Vienna Airport`s latest landmark building, highly visible from far and wide. And it’s not only the building itself that is an eye-catcher – so is the new covered, 100-metre-long pedestrian bridge connecting Office Park 4 with Terminal 1, multi-storey car park 3 and the City Airport Train (CAT) and commuter rail networks. The bridge is also the site of Austria’s largest and most spectacular LED wall, which measures 180 square metres and provides striking illumination on the bridge. Office Park 4 has been designed by the renowned Viennese architects, HNP Architects, led by Heinz Neumann and his partners Oliver Oszwald and Florian Rode. HNP have already helped shape the Vienna cityscape with a number of exciting projects, including Westbahnhof, Wien Mitte and Uniqa Tower. For HNP, architecture represents a mirror to society that must always interact and integrate with its surroundings. Thus, the building’s footprint and its sweeping, curved profile draw inspiration from the world of aviation. Bright, airy and light, Office Park 4 creates a modern, conducive working environment. The palpable sense of space is underscored by the ample natural light flooding into the generously proportioned interior through the striking, 60% transparent façade. The building’s design harmonises with the architects’ overall concept to not only make working life more pleasant, but more sustainable, too. Office Park 4 is arranged to take optimum advantage of the sun and to better steer the wind currents around the building’s envelope. This approach has created around 1,500 square metres of wind-sheltered exterior facilities with outdoor workspaces and green areas that invite office users to take a break and enjoy a snack.

From the earliest planning stages, the developer aimed to create a building that satisfies the highest possible standards of energy efficiency. Ground air collectors for pre-temperature control, geothermal heat utilisation via concrete pile activation and roof-mounted photovoltaic systems ensure that sustainable energy sources play a central role in powering the building. At the same time, the building has been designed to cut energy requirements to an absolute minimum, a goal that has been achieved with the use of carefully selected materials and state-of-the-art building services. ÖGNI, the Austrian Society for Sustainable Real Estate Management is certainly impressed: Office Park 4 is the first building in Austria to receive a platinum pre-certificate, specifically recognising the project’s achievements in incorporating sustainability features at the earliest possible stage in the planning process.

Connected to the world

Office Park 4 – just like Airport City itself – benefits from its location, combining great potential for future growth with outstanding transport links. Although, strictly speaking, Office Park 4 is not in the city centre, transport connections via Vienna’s CAT, rapid transit railway and bus mean that the property might as well be located in downtown Vienna. As an added bonus, Mr. and Mrs. Motorist are spared the battle through city centre traffic and can easily access Office Park 4 from the four main traffic arteries that lead to the site: the A4, A6, S1 and B9.

Dispensing with the early morning hunt for a parking space also has a positive impact on employee motivation. Conveniently, Office Park 4’s users have access to the building’s underground car park, which includes spaces fitted with electric charging stations, and can also use Car Park 3 at Vienna Airport. When it opens, Office Park 4 will be connected to the airport’s multi-storey car park, Terminal 1, and Vienna’s CAT and rapid transit systems via the new pedestrian bridge. What’s more, Airport City Vienna is the only office centre in Vienna with perfect connections to international air travel.

Office Park 4 will offer a range of eateries, while the direct link to Terminal 1 means that users are only moments away from the entire infrastructure of the airport. Dining options range from traditional Austrian cuisine, such as Tafelspitz and Kaiserschmarren, to hearty burgers, spicy pita breads and healthy shakes and smoothies. Other amenities, including a pharmacy, fitness centre, car registration office, day-care centre, business post partner with 24-hour self-service foyer, parcel pickup station and dry cleaners – to name but a few – shorten distances and mean that errands can be completed quickly during the lunch break, rather than taking up valuable time before or after work. The airport’s health centre also offers a wide range of medical and health services.

Airport City Vienna – Facts & Figures

Airports have long since evolved from pure transportation hubs into multifunctional spaces. Airport City exemplifies this trend and the airport’s real estate strategy bears many of the hallmarks of an urban development project. Combining outstanding transport links, local amenities, health services, childcare and a generous supply of modern office and logistics space has attracted more than 12 companies with around 700 employees in the last two years alone. Companies including DHL, cargo-partner, Makita and Moxy Hotels, a Marriott brand, also offer enormous potential for synergy effects. As a gateway to Eastern Europe, Vienna Airport contributes to the competitiveness of Vienna and Austria as a business location.

Office Park 4 – Facts & Figures

Inauguration: 2020
Gross floor area(GFA): 26.000 m²
Flexible office spaces: from 180 m² bis 2.700 m², co-Working Spaces
Transport links: A4, A6, B9, S1, CAT, rapid transit rail, bus

Today, around 25,000 employees working for more than 250 companies ensure that services at the airport run smoothly and have established Vienna Airport as the largest employer in Eastern Austria. Airport City Vienna is home to 40,000 m² of logistics space and more than 100,000 m² of office and conference facilities

visualisierung_Flughafen Wien Fußgängerbrücke

Office Park 4 will be the most energy-efficient building on the site. And it’s not only the building itself that is an eye-catcher – so is the new covered, 100-metre pedestrian bridge that connects Office Park 4 to the Airport’s Terminal 1 and Car Park 3 and to Vienna’s CAT and commuter rail networks.

Fotocredit: Flughafen Wien AG