Who we are

The European Real Estate Brand Institute (REB-Institute) is the leading platform for financial and behavioural evaluation of the real estate industry brands. On the Brand Panel we have the relevant corporate, service and project – local brands.

The most significant brands and their developments have been evaluated and listed annually in the REB-Insitute REALESTATE BRAND rankings, since 2009. The basis of the studies and analyzes used for the brand value models, have been specifically developed in coordination with the processes and trends in commercial and housing industry.

What we do

For the first time with its brand analysis tools the REB-Insitute delivers real transparency and comparability among all the decisive relevant corporate brands within real estate industry in Europe.

With the continuous development of the models and an increase in the number of evaluations to 47 European real estate markets in total, the REB-Insitute has the largest empirical database of approx. 1,200 national and international corporate and local of brands. To generate a quick overview of the comprehensive performance of brand and marketing activities, we have developed numerous studies and analytical tools.

How do we work

We combine the analytical intelligence of market research with the development within real estate industry. We work with different approaches using various tools, from the highly methodically analysis, to workshop-based strategy findings. These approaches differ in the method, but not in their objectives.

Our aim is the transparency and comparability of brands, within the real estate industry.

Expert Advisory Group

The scientific and practical expert advisory board oft he European Real Estate Brand Institute consists of scientists and experts from leading institutions, associations and international organizations will be confirmed and appointed by the management of REB-Institute.

The task of the Expert Advisory Group is to advise the REB-Institute in full, and on their own initiative produce the scientific and practical questions be answered.

In addition to the advisory external experts from the real estate industry sectors, research and brand management experts are also be requested.


Prof. Dr. Carsten Baumgarth

Department of Business and Economics
Professor for Business Administration
Marketing, Brand Management, School of Economics and Law, Berlin (HWR Berlin)


Ralf-Peter Koschny CRE FRICS

Ralf-Peter Koschny has been a member of the board since 2004
Since January 2014 he is Spokesman of the Board, responsible for retail and leisure.


Andreas Schulten

Andreas Schulten has been a member of the board since 2005, and is responsible for the bulwiengesa AG area office, and residential real estate market.